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By Ellany Lea   •   Jun 10, 2020   •   3 Min Read

I wish I knew then that outer desires come from inner mastery. I wish I knew then that all loss eventually finds its balance in gain. I wish I knew not to fear the fire... because I AM the fire.

By Ellany Lea   •   Jun 3, 2020   •   2 Min Read

We can't dream up what we never knew existed. Many of us were not even taught to dream in the first place, myself included. ​It is fascinating to grieve the loss of dreams...

By Ellany Lea   •   May 20, 2020   •   3 Min Read

Our souls didn't come here into our bodies for the purpose of satiating the ego-mind's craving for rational sense. Our souls came here to: grow, love, be loved, enjoy and be of service.

By Ellany Lea   •   Apr 8, 2020   •   1 Min Read

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

By Ellany Lea   •   Apr 1, 2020   •   2 Min Read

You may be more sensitive than you think. You may be more of an empath than you know. You are being upgraded to alchemist and that kind of soul maturation requires enormous energy.

By Ellany Lea   •   Mar 25, 2020   •   2 Min Read

You are needed. Just not all at the same time. This pandemic is not a sprint, it's a tag team marathon. Wait your turn because the relay baton is coming.

By Ellany Lea   •   Mar 18, 2020   •   1 Min Read

In order to find the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. After a decade of liberation, here are the 5 most important questions for founders, overachievers, trailblazers and entrepreneurs, and freedom seekers to ask.

By Ellany Lea   •   Jan 21, 2020   •   4 Min Read

A masterclass can be a pathway for creative freedom, geographical freedom, and best of all, time freedom. Unleashing your masterclass requires sequencing. Likely you've done all the right things, but did you do them in the right order?

By Ellany Lea   •   Dec 17, 2019   •   4 Min Read

What do you do when meditation alone no longer suffices? You discover the power of prayer. And when medication and prayer together still don't suffice, then what? Mercy, that's what.

By Ellany Lea   •   Nov 26, 2019   •   6 Min Read

I started losing touch with the "why" of my book. So I did what I guide my clients to do: focus on the 'who' as a means to remember my 'why.' Ask myself, who are my people who will benefit from my stories as a survival guide?

By Ellany Lea   •   Nov 19, 2019   •   4 Min Read

When we choose what we love over what "they" think, what we want over what "they" say, and what we need over what "they" expect, fears are bound to rise. Here's the love letter I wrote back to Soul Sister R.

By Ellany Lea   •   Nov 12, 2019   •   7 Min Read

As we near the end of this decade, we're choosing sustainable success over lynching ourselves to produce as if we were industrial machinery. This rising triggers fear. Here's the love letter I wrote back to Soul Sister O.

By Ellany Lea   •   Oct 22, 2019   •   1 Min Read

Every successful relationship is not 50/50. It's actually 100/100. Are you willing to be and do your part, your 100%? Check this list of 15 commitments to ensure that your coaching relationship leads you to more success and freedom.

By Ellany Lea   •   Oct 15, 2019   •   5 Min Read

Why do we make the decisions we make? A part of you wants this, another part of you wants that? So where do our decisions actually come from? These 11 soul archetypes will shed some light.

By Ellany Lea   •   Oct 8, 2019   •   5 Min Read

To survive entrepreneurship and to thrive at freedompreneurship, the price is high and the reward is great. This is the story of my spiritual flu and how it cost my the death of my inner Pollyanna.

By Ellany Lea   •   Oct 1, 2019   •   8 Min Read

Nothing can prepare you for the pain of betrayal. Nobody can prepare you for the inconvenient timing of spiritual awakening. This is the story of one narly knot wrapped around my spine and the "sister shields" that healed me.

By Ellany Lea   •   Sep 24, 2019   •   5 Min Read

Enlightenment is a great and noble quest, but becoming the light hurts like a mofo. Awakening rarely glides in like a pretty, pretty lava lamp. It strikes like Zeus' lightning bolt on his worst PMS week. This is the story of reclaiming my greatest loss: my dignity.

By Ellany Lea   •   Sep 17, 2019   •   6 Min Read

Freedom can mean having all the time and resources to do whatever you want, whenever, wherever, however, with whomever you want. A deeper and truer freedom is knowing time doesn't exist. This is the story of the 4 Levels of Knowing.

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 27, 2019   •   5 Min Read

How do you gracefully keep up the momentum in your business, especially during summer sunshine lulls, back-to-school frenzy, and blink-and-it's here holiday drama? I'm going to share with you the #1 most grounding success ritual I have. It's so simple.

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 20, 2019   •   6 Min Read

True time freedom isn't just having the hours in a day to do whatever you want, whenever, wherever, however, with whomever you want. It's experiencing all 4 levels of knowing that freedom from time can occur without doing anything or going anywhere.

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 14, 2019   •   6 Min Read

Peacocks eat thorns when food is scare and process them into "feathers with colors and shapes unmatched throughout nature for their extraordinary beauty. So it is with us.” But does all beauty have to come from hard pain? Read on to find out!

By Ellany Lea   •   Aug 6, 2019   •   4 Min Read

"Rest until you feel like playing, then play until you feel like resting, period. Never do anything else." Could you live by this motto in order to pour grace all over your freedompreneurship journey?

By Ellany Lea   •   Jul 31, 2019   •   5 Min Read

What is surrender? What is atonement? And what do they have to do with mind, body, heart and spirit liberation from the bondage and abuse of Wounded Patriarchy on women? Read on to witness the unfolding of the Snakes and Ladders game of freedom.

By Ellany Lea   •   Jun 19, 2019   •   3 Min Read

My hyper-achiever saboteur died. Yay! But... I was always super shocked when it died... again. I mean, had it magically resurrected when I wasn’t watching? It turns out, no, saboteurs don't just resurrect. But they can be laid to rest by attaining the 4 types of knowing. Read on to find out how!