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Am I narcoleptic? I googled this question this morning to get an "official" diagnosis from the Interweb because I spent the last few days sleeping from 7pm to 7am, minus the roosters screaming at 4:30am. I think they may be imported from another timezone and have not adjusted to Madagascar. On top of that, I've been taking naps from 10am-12pm and again from 2pm-4pm.

The Mayo Clinic mentions "sudden attacks of sleep" in type 1 narcolepsy. My sleep tendencies don't sound so dramatic or cataclysmic, they are rather a hypnotic and harp-playing gravitation toward my bed, like a moth to light or a bee to sexy honey.

I eat clean, have never smoked, have had 5 alcoholic beverages in my entire life (5 out of 5 times to appease other people's inner and outer discomfort at me not drinking), keep active and meditate. So what gives?


Yin Energy Activates Rest

After much pondering, I remembered feeling this exact way when I was in Bali. I'm an ambitious, productive and highly motivated person, but in Bali, I couldn't sit up straight. Horizontal was my modus operandi, either in bed, in a hammock or on a massage table. I remember completely and utterly failing at forcing myself to work, during my stay there. It required immense inertia to do the forcing and immense energy to recover from the failure of forcing. Such poor ways of expending energy!

I'm currently on Ile Sainte-Marie, a little island off the East coast of Madagascar, which is itself an island off the East coast of Africa. And I'm ecstatic to report that I've maturated: I don't force anything anymore.

Sometimes, our sleep durations, energy levels, and need for rest have NOTHING to do with our productivity, our worth or our achievements (or "lack" thereof). Sometimes, a place has such yin energy, that it sings and swallows us into horizontal mode. This is a good thing!

If in such an island paradise, your body was tense as a rock and unable to surrender to rest, then that'd be a problem.


Soul App and OS Upgrade

But this much rest of 16 hours a day, c'mon Ella?!?

I figure, just like the apps on our phone alert us that they need updating every two days, our cells and organs and systems need upgrading too. Heck, our entire Soul, as the OS (Operating System) of our being, needs a good defragmentation and re-installation every week.

So from that perspective, sleep is the mode we need to enter in order to upgrade our Soul's OS and apps, even to receive "downloads" or code activations (as they say in woo-woo lingo).

Regardless of the location, month of year or state of mind you're in, I hope you allow yourself this sleep, this full system upgrade. STOP beating yourself up for not being productive every second of every day of every week of every month of every year. That's what Shadow-Patriarchy wants!!! It wants to beat your to a tiny pulp, even BETTER if you do the beating work for him! 🤪🥊 Stop. The. Self-Beating.


How to Stay Consistent During Lulls and Peaks

As we're in the height of summer sunshine and lull, as we're heading into the frenzy of back-to-school season, and as we blink and find ourselves already at holiday drama time, I'm going to share with you the #1 most grounding success ritual I have.

It's so simple, your mind might resist for a moment how powerful it is. And it's automated!

I setup a recurring task in Asana that prompts me every 3 weeks, with these 3 grounding questions:

  1. What’s the bigger dream/vision here?
  2. What do I want to make more consistent?
  3. What’s MOST important to me?

I tested a few variations. I started with weekly prompts, and it just felt miserably unrelenting, like a constantly pounding wave and nagging soul-suck that would never go away. Even this epically introspective gal needs a break from introspection!

So then I tired monthly prompts. Those felt too far apart, and I had no clue what I had written the month before, so what I wanted to make more consistent was obviously not made consistent.

I then tried prompts every 2 weeks, but that still gave me the ugh feeling of not being able to catch my breath, like "Shit, has it been two weeks already?".

So I tried for every 3 weeks, and there, finally, the sweet spot!


Big Picture Reset

I call this trio of prompts my Big Picture Reset. It's enriching to remember why we're doing what we're doing, because in the end, people don't buy into what we do, they buy into why we do them.

So in no particular order, here are some Big Picture Resets from the last year, on how I leverage simplicity and automation to effortlessly build consistency and momentum for the orchestra of my business.

Bigger Dream More Consistent Most Important
To love and be loved Harmony Enjoy every second of my inner Sacred Union
To be a magnetic vessel for love and prosperity No thought. No mind. Receive, receive, receive
Evergreen abundant inflow of income and championing people + resources Beauty + Pleasure Live forevermore in the expanding present
To receive and have all the money needed to actualize my dreams A cuddle buddy Pleasure and delight, every single day
To have. To have evergreen inflow of money. Pleasure + listening to basic human needs Self-compassion and the surrendering of needing to understand
To have, all of it. My newsletters and its content distribution Outsourcing and hiring the right people
To live in luxury, with cooks, maids, assistants and drivers Staying invested in weekly newsletters and experience of earth school My need for skillful, pure, loving touch
My manuscript in my hands by end of year Writing / loveletters, every 2 weeks, no excuses To feel good on the journey to evermore liberation
To bask in evergreen embrace of evergreen financial plentifulness Monthly pre-scheduling of blogs Be the guru I know I am. Source the Love I know I am.
Share my pleasure and sweetness and bliss filled life with my soul king Anti-perfectionist bi-weekly newsletters Single-tasking every moment, filled with Love

See a pattern? My vision is on prosperity attraction... and prosperous I am. My consistent practice is on writing... and writer I am. My priority is on the moment... and present I am.

Would these prompts be helpful to ground you in times of lull, frenzy or drama? I could set this up for you, if I receive a dozen replies of "Yes!". And would you want the prompts in your inbox or would you enjoy checking in together via Facebook Group? Let me know, I'm at your service ❤️


💎 Reclaimed my alignment with yin energy

💎Reclaimed the truth that sleep isn't a sign of weakness

💎 Reclaimed simplicity and automation as my superpowers

💎 Reclaimed the power of iterations and introspection

💎 Reclaimed my superpower to see the invisible

💎 Reclaimed my superpower to connect the dots


With infinite grace,

xo, Ella

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